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Hibernate and Chill

Hey Alberta, it’s flipping COLD! And with COVID there is no escaping the frigid temperatures so I need to come clean.

I’ve become a binger. There is nothing I like better than escaping into someone else’s made up, or in the case of reality TV, escalated DRAMA. I thought I would share with you what I have been enjoying and maybe, you’d like to share as well!

By myself mindless escape

Bridgerton – I’m a crazy fanatic for the age this is set in. With the music and the naughty bits, it’s just divine. I’ve heard people say it didn’t live up to their expectations – so, go into it with only escape in mind.

Selling Sunset – I might have a small girl crush on Chrishell. It’s like a mix of the best real estate shows you’ve watched with the drama of Housewives.

Emily In Paris – Again, not the most titillating of story twists, but hey, it’s in PARIS.

Bling Empire – Have you watched Crazy Rich Asians? This one is just fun!

Hollywood – Not what I expected when I first started watching it. In the same way as Bridgerton, the naughty bits make you sit up in your seat. 😉

Virgin River – I am not through this one yet, it is slow but the love story got me hooked. I also fell a little bit in love with Alexandra Breckenridge. It’s actually great acting and set in a beautiful remote Northern California. I’m always up to escape to Cali.

Firefly Lane – Ever since Knocked Up I have liked Katherine Heigl. The rumour mills say she is a bit of a pill to work with but part of me just wants to believe those are misogynistic asshats who are just intimidated by a strong woman. This was also filmed in Burnaby which is pretty cool.

Even The Husband Enjoyed;

The Queens Gambit – I know NOTHING about Chess but both my husband and I were fully entertained.

Cobra Kai – Ok, so the Husband was the initiator on this one but I actually did enjoy it. In a 90210 kind of way, if that makes any sense? It has some good lessons it trys to teach but be prepared. Johnny acts CIRCLES around the precious “Karate Kid” Daniel. After the first season my husband made me watch Karate Kid, for the first time ever, so I would get the little nuances. He was tired of my looking at him with a blank stare. But no really, I did enjoy it lol.

The Boyz – Holy crap is this gory. Like from just a few minutes in I was like “What am I watching” but the story line is actually really good and the acting. It was a surprise!

Prodigal Son – it’s a crime drama about a serial killers son becoming a profiler for the local police. The first season was better so far than the second but sometimes that’s just the way. I am invested at this point and continue to be entertained!

Watch Them All Over Again

Modern Family – We hadn’t actually watched the last season but sat down with the kids to watch it right from the beginning. Love this show!

Life in Pieces – This is just fricken funny. You kind of want to hate it when you see that Colin Hanks is in it but he actually is a loveable character. Jen (Zoe Lister-Jones) is by far my favourite! She’s so enjoyably sarcastic!

Schitts Creek – What can we say about this Canadian gem, other than if you have been living under a rock, and haven’t watched it for the first time, get. On. It. Seriously. I could watch this show a gajillion times. Sooooooo goood. The show and the cast have won Emmy’s, Canadian Screen Awards, GLAD awards, and is nominated for FIVE Golden Globes. Just do it – again if you’ve watched it once.


Hubs and I are really into these. If nothing else is on, Dateline comes on or we scroll through the Documentaries category on Netflix.

Tiger King and Making A Murderer are a couple of really popular ones you’ve probably already watched.

Anything with Aaron Hernandez, Epstein or Ted Bundy tends to be interesting and educational – in a good way.

The Last Dance – It’s about Basketball, yes, but it’s actually really good.

Evil Genius – This chick is cray-cray. Makes for interesting TV

So, grab your Hint of Jalapeno nachos, smoked gouda melted on top, salsa and sour cream, and grab the remote.

We’d love to hear what you’ve been watching lately?

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Chris is one of the only mama’s with a “day job”. Mom of 2, a 9 & 11 year old, she works as a admin for a local bakery. She loves cider, hanging out with good people and writing about her feelings. She currently resides in our Capital City, however she grew up on a farm north east of the city and never forgets her farm girl roots.