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4 Eco Friendly Kids Valentines

ECO Valentines Day Gift Ideas

Some may call me a “crunchy mom,” some call me crazy.

I more like to call myself “eco-conscious with a little bit of hot mess.” Hey, that’s got a ring to it.

Here are some ideas on how we can make Valentine’s Day and the gifts we bring a little better.

Seed Paper Valentine.

I really feel like I want to do this, but my little hot mess side is like “ain’t nobody got time for that”. Over at She promises its actually really simple, and I MAY give it a try.



Handmade cards.

This one I don’t think is as time-consuming as it has to be. Cut some paper and let your kids be creative with the decorations. I realize there is still use of the paper, however hopefully you get a few cards out of each sheet, it’s WAY cuter and you’re saving the packaging from the store.

Newspaper valentines.

Again they get to be creative here. Set up some newspaper (I don’t get any delivered but I grab some from the city recycling bins), let them paint and have fun and cut out the shapes. 

DIY Salt Dough Hearts.

Salt dough recipes are super simple and don’t need much. And again, of course, they get to paint them afterward if they want. Poke a hole in the top to add a piece of yarn and make it a mini necklace. 


Whatever you choose, I think it’s a great teaching opportunity for kids. They get a chance to create something AND we get the chance to teach them about recycling/waste reduction.

And if you make the seed paper LET ME KNOW. I want to know how they turn it out. I really really want to do this one. I already have my 6 year old on board.

Love, Jen


Jen is a yoga teacher, fitness enthusiast and health blogger over at