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Chat LIVE with Santa this Christmas

If you’re thinking of changing things up this Christmas because of the COVID, you love all the things Christmas, or if you have a kid that can’t deal with malls or able to make it to the mall… we got you.

The lovely people Winter Wonder Forest (more on that soon) are making it possible for kids to speak directly with Santa this winter and benefit local charities such as Santas Anonymous and True Start Foundation through live videos with Santa. The best part, it’s super easy and you get to personalize your call.  Simply book online pick your time and then wait for your call. One great benefit of these calls is that you get to keep the video which is a CUTE keepsake.


The Details:

What: Live (not pre-recorded) and personalized calls with Santa done from the comfort of your home.

Who: Anyone with an internet connection

Where: You can book your time with Santa online 

Cost: $19.99 US (about $25 Cdn)

When: You purchase your tickets now, but Santa’s calls don’t start happening until November 1.



  • The calls are 5 minutes long, so we suggest logging on a few minutes before so you don’t miss anything. Five minutes doesn’t seem a long time, but it’s as long as you would get at a mall Santa and this is personalized.
  • Purchasing your call before October 15th ensures that your call benefits local charities such as Santas Anonymous and the True Start Foundation.
  • We don’t suggest prepping your kids too much because kids are naturally hilarious, but it might be good to give them some talking points, especially if they’re shy.

We love this idea because who the heck knows what things are going to look like around here by December, but also another option for those who are not near a mall, have sensory kids or those parents who really really don’t want to go to the mall for Santa pictures this year.