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How Do You ‘Santa’?

As we get SO close to the big day, we can’t help but ask: How do you ‘Santa’?

Honestly I didn’t even think about the differences in the way Santa interacts with various families. Until my husband and I started celebrating with our child I just assumed Santa was the same in everyone’s house. For us that meant the stockings stayed empty until Santa filled them on Christmas night while we slept. My parents, as far as I knew, had nothing to do with adding anything to those exciting stockings that always stayed on the fireplace. For gifts it was the same; there were never any gifts under the tree from my parents or Santa until Christmas morning. In terms of distribution it was always a big one from mom and dad plus a few small gifts and then a couple from the big jolly one.

In other families I know that stockings come from mom and dad and are often left at the end of children’s beds during Christmas night. Some kids get one gift from Santa, while others see more. Other families open their gifts from each other, or mom and dad, on Christmas eve while saving the magic of Santa for the Christmas morning.

Even the wrapping is something that varies from family to family. I found it strange that Santa and my mom had the same style of writing….and, how cool was it that my mom had some of the same wrapping paper as the North Pole?! Other families I know have a special ‘Santa Sack’ with each child’s name on it that gets filled up and I know of others who have special computerized ‘From Santa’ name tags attached.

And then there’s the differences in what is left out for Santa on Christmas eve. Cookies and milk? Carrots for the reindeer? I’ve heard of pickles and a little boozy night cap too;)

I think it’s fascinating how each family has their own traditions that is likely a unique blend of both parent’s experiences! So, tell us, how do YOU ‘Santa’?

Every Day Girl