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9 Things I’m Looking Forward to This Summer in Alberta

Are you ready to make the most of your summer weekends in Alberta? Our short summer season has arrived and the workweek hustle is never-ending. It’s time to squeeze every drop of joy from these precious sunny days!

As someone who’s spent years exploring the hidden gems of our beautiful province, this list of nine summer activities are what I’m looking forward to the most about summer with the family (without sacrificing the chance to relax!).

Whether it’s embarking on a scenic road trip, enjoying local farmers markets, or relaxing at a backyard BBQ, let me help you maximize your summer weekends with my top nine summer activities for families.

1. The Road Trip

Is there anything better than packing up your wheels, stopping for snacks and hitting the open road? Yes, yes there is. It’s called re-living your childhood.

One of my earliest memories is playing cards in my grandparents motor home, road trekking through Alberta, to the States into Mexico. Hanging out, while you watch the landscape race by. Snacking, gaming, talking, stopping at random road side attractions – the journey more important than the destination.

The in-laws bought a small motor home and they’re letting us borrow it – squeee!

2. Lazy Summer Afternoons

Mom and kids sitting in hammock in Dinosaur Provincial Park

A Sunday afternoon spent in the back yard. The kids swinging on swings, splashing in the pool, a cold drink in hand and a book in the other.

Soaking up the sun with nothing better to do than absolutely nothing.

I plan on scheduling a few of these.

3. Farmers Markets

Grapes, peaches, and other fruit at a farmer's market

Open air markets. You can smell the kettle corn, often hear some live music playing. There’s veggies, fruit, handmade art, and oh the goodies!

I love food, it’s literally one of my favourite things, and every market has boatloads of it.

Plus there’s a great website that can point you in the direction of one near you – The Alberta Farmers Market Association.

4. Camping

Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park

Hello outdoors. All the fresh air and the quiet – not to mention the s’mores.

Alberta has an amazing amount of lakes, and great campgrounds in general.

We’ve got a whole section on camping here and Alberta Parks is a great place to find your next camping adventure.

5. Visiting Splash Parks

Frank Lacroix Spray Park and playground

It’s tradition. We load up the car with our back packs full of sunscreen, towels, and snacks, bathing suits on underneath the kids clothes.

Usually we’re meeting friends at a new discovery or old favourite and we spend hours going between the splash park and playground, and enjoying good company.

6. Backyard BBQ

Speaking of good company, how about those summer bar-b-q’s?

Imagine it. Cold beer in hand, the sizzle of burgers grilling up and the sun beating down. The buzz of conversation.

Sometimes there’s kids running around, some times they’re home with the sitter.

The air slowly cooling off as you sip your beverage and relax.

7. Farm Visits

Kids petting a horse

We’re very lucky. I grew up on a farm and my parents still live there. We get to head out of the city to enjoy the simple things.

Picking strawberries and raspberries from the garden. Watching the calves running around and feeding the mini ponies carrots. The fresh air out there alone relaxes me. Can’t wait!

If you don’t have a farm in your family, check out Alberta Open Farm Days or visit a U-Pick!

8. Car Shows

Yesterday's Auto Gallery

Our family is a bunch of car lovers. Hubs loves the classics and the kids in turn, have grown up around engines, low riders and admiring paint schemes.

One of our faves is Rock’n August but we’ve heard the regular Red Deer Cruise Nights are great too.

9. Special Summer Events

Midway game prizes on display

K-Day’s, the Calgary Stampede, not to mention all the small town goodness that pops up over the summer.

We love to check the Alberta Association of Agricultural Societies website for fun happening just a short drive away.

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