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The Aga Khan Garden Opens In 4 Weeks, And It’s Going To Be Epic

Aga Khan Garden 

Yesterday I was able to attend the University of Alberta Botanic Gardens (formally Devon Botanical Garden) on a field trip with my daughters school, and I got to see the EPIC Aga Khan Garden being finished up. The website says that it is set to open “In 2018”, but as I was talking to our guide she said it is schedule to open in just a small 4 weeks! Leaving us lots of time to visit the beauty in it’s botanical glory over the summer!

Image taken from the University of Alberta Botanical Garden website.

His Highness the Aga Khan donated a whopping $25 million dollars for this garden as a symbol of the relationship of the University of Alberta and His Highness Aga Khan, after receiving his honorary doctorate in 2009.

“The Aga Khan Garden will be a place to connect with nature, a place of inspiration and a place where cultural understanding will grow,” said David Turpin, president of the University of Alberta. “We are honoured and grateful that the Aga Khan, a champion of openness and understanding between cultures, selected the University of Alberta for this wonderful gift.”

The pictures here do no website to the mass amazement in person. This garden display is massive and awe inspiring. Four lush garden are in the front of the main entrance opening and behind is a gorgeous theatre for concerts, weddings and any other entertainment.

Under construction the theatre. Image taken from the University of Alberta Botanical Gardens website.

The University of Alberta Botanical Garden officially opens for the season June 29th. A lot later than usual, due to construction of the entryway, roads and of course this gorgeous display. You can find hours of operation, admission prices and more info on their website HERE.

Aerial view concept drawing.


Will you be attending this year?


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