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Thankful For….

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we give you – Thankful for…..

1. That two hours of sleep you got between feedings. Cause, you know, it could have been just one.

2. That silence you had for 20 min. It was great, until you find them “painting” with your Sephora make up.

3. That 5th time you said their name and they responded to you vs tuning you out.

4. Booking that dentist appointment once a year. 45 whole me time minutes.

5. That 5am Saturday morning wake up. Cause dragging them out of bed all week has been super fun.

6. All the extra room in your massive purse. Because you need a change of clothes for each kid when you go out, snacks – oh and your husbands wallet.

7. “mom jeans” being back in style. Nothing holds back that mummy tummy like them! Oh wait, they’re out of style again…

8. The extra MnMs you still have in your purse from that movie you took the kids to. Cause now you’re waiting in line at the bank and they’re “bored”.

9. The crackers you still have left to snack on after getting the kids to bed! Oh wait, that’s an empty box in the cupboard.

10. That beautiful supper you “slaved” hours over. Cause it will be lunch and supper again tomorrow – cause the kids won’t eat it.

Seriously though, what are you thankful for?

We are thankful for all of you!

<3 Mama Chris

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