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Pandas At The Calgary Zoo

Calgary Zoo upped the cute level in Alberta this past May with 4 adorable pandas.

Da Mao (male) and Er Shun (female) will be sticking around in Calgary until 2023 but twin cubs Jia Panpan (male) and Jia Yueyue (female) will be leaving the Calgary Zoo in 2019. Ready to have a once in a lifetime opportunity to see pandas up close and personal in Alberta? Here’s your chance.

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Visit Discovery Wildlife Park: a Campground and Zoo in Central Alberta

Discovery Wildlife Park provides “forever” homes to orphaned wildlife and zoo animals in need of a home. This unique zoo has plenty of play space for the kids, too (as if animals weren’t enough!). With Daily presentations the Park’s passion for helping visitors understand animals shines. The Wildlife Park has even been featured on Jack Hanna’s Into the Wild!

Whether you’re there on a day trip, come regularly with a season pass, or are staying the night at the campground (WHAT?! A zoo with a campground?!) Discovery Wildlife Park is a fun day out in between Edmonton and Calgary.

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