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Super fun kids camps with Metro Continuing Education

If your kids are anything like mine, they’re very particular about the types of camps they attend summer. We don’t do a lot of camps during the summer because being bored is important for kids (as well as being very annoying for mom and dad), and the costs of camps can really add up (especially with three kids). The camps we sign the kids up for have to be special in that they’re learning a skill or improving on a skill set they have. It’s a lot of money to send kids to a camp so it’s important to us to make sure that the camp is a high quality.  As a parent I get excited when my kids get excited about camps and here’s a couple that we’re excited about from Metro Continuing Education in Edmonton.

We’re excited to be giving away a one week camp up to $400 for one lucky winner! Contest rules are below, but here are some of our favourite camps at Metro Continuing Education to get you thinking of what class you’d like to win! * Contest is now closed*

This isn’t the exact longboard you’ll be making.

Build Your Own Longboard 

Yeah, you read that right. This could be one of the coolest summer camps hands down. Your child will make their own longboard and by the end of the week-long class, you’ll take home a handmade Canadian maple longboard, complete with custom artwork, grip tape, trucks, and wheels. This is for kids in Grades 7-9 and takes place at Harry Ainlay School in Edmonton. This class happens at Harry Ainlay School on either July 9-13 or  July 16-20.


Fierce Girls


Fierce Girls 

This camp is split up into two age categories, grades 4-6 and grades 7-9. In these camps, the girls are giving tools to “figure out how to follow your own compass.” Several topics are covered such as navigating friendships (this is a big one especially for the older kids), displaying compassion for themselves and others and living your life with your own heart and voice. Activities include yoga, sharing circles, and creative projects.  Classes take place at either Lillian Osborne School or Londonderry School in Edmonton. To find a class,  time and to register, click here.


Sports for Life and Pickleball  

I couldn’t choose between these two sports camps as a favourite so I’m choosing them both. If you have a kid that needs to… then “Sports for Life” will do the trick. This summer camp incorporates all the sports from swimming, yoga, pickleball, badminton, cycling, handball and beach volleyball will make a sporty kid happy, and hopefully tired by the end of the day! It’s for grades 4-6 and 7-9 and takes place at either Londonderry or Lillian Osborne school in Edmonton.

Have you heard of Pickleball? I hadn’t heard of it until I heard about it on the news. Justin Trudeau was in Edmonton and played it at a senior centre. We all know those senior centres are the hub of all things hip and cool. They were lawn bowling way before the hipsters were.

If you’re new to Pickleball it’s a cross between badminton, table tennis, and tennis and you use a using a paddle and Wiffle. Students at Pickleball camp will learn how to play and the rules and come home and teach you so you can be cool and know what it is too! Pickleball camps are for kids in grades 7-9 and the camps take place at Lillian Osborne School in Edmonton.


App Attack

Lastly, because I’m a techie, this is for my fellow tech kids (not my kids though…argh). Learn how to make your own app.  Again this camp is for the big kids (grade 7-9) and looks awesome. Kids will learn the basics of app design and game development, code their own apps and create multiplayer experiences to share with friends and family. There are only 2 dates for this camp, July 9-13 at Lillian Osborne School or August 13-17 at Londonderry School.


Ready to win a camp for your child? It’s easy, just follow the links below and we’ll be announcing the winner in a week!


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This post was sponsored by the Metro Continuing Education.  As always, all opinions stated are our own.