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Spread Kindness to the Person Beside You

Spread kindness to a stranger today

This week I was at an event and, as per lovely Daylight Savings Time, I was exhausted. Losing an hour of precious time is a disaster for someone like me who tends to run on the later side of things. I was rushed. Finding an outfit in 10 minutes, trying to get my son to a babysitter, painting my nails in the car while my husband drove because I forgot to remove my old chipped polish, you know, typical busy women stuff. And then, someone spread kindness.

At the end of a great event I was saying goodbye to a woman who was sitting at the same table as me. As we shook hands she looked at me and said, “I just want to tell you that you are really beautiful”.

I laughed, felt flustered and said “Oh, no. But thank you.” I will admit though, for the rest of the night I felt pretty good about myself! Although superficial, it was such a kind thing for a total stranger to say. This then led me to a few thoughts.

  • Why was I so flustered when she complimented me and why did I say she was wrong?

Can we just start genuinely thanking people when we are complimented, rather than trying to be humble and self-conscious or whatever it is?  Accept the compliment, offer one back and maybe walk away with a little spring in your step! BAM.

  • How cool is it that a total stranger complimented me?

Try it next time you are out. It feels good all around. Maybe you like someone’s outfit, admire their Instagram feed, saw them handle a situation with their child like a boss, watched them work their ass off on the treadmill beside you….whatever, just say it. I almost guarantee it will make their day brighter and likely be passed on to someone else.

Today when you take on the world, say something unexpected and kind to a stranger. See what happens and let us know!

Every Day Girl