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Raising Kids That Return Shopping Carts

I was brought up to be aware of how my actions affect others around me. Whether it is with words, actions, or implied – everything we do causes the people around us to react either positively or negatively. As a parent this is a HARD concept to teach especially to young kids. But then I realized one day that it can be simplified in little actions which will grow to bigger actions as they get older.

Which leads me to the shopping cart.

We’ve all seen the abandoned shopping carts in the parking lot but have you ever considered the way those carts left in the middle of the parking lot affects others?

Someone with limited mobility may not be able to park as close as they want to now.

A mom struggling with a car seat/stroller situation can’t park there now.

A person making barely minimum wage now has to go collect all the carts around the parking lot making their job harder.

Now this concept doesn’t just apply to shopping carts. Food trays in mall food courts, leaving a fitting room a mess after trying on clothes, or dropping your garbage while on a walk. Someone is cleaning up after you when it really is so simple to clean up after yourself.

These small actions may seem like second nature to some but they are taught. If you have been to a mall food court lately and have seen the amount of garbage left on the tables you know that the message hasn’t reached everyone. Kids watch EVERYTHING we do (just ask your kids’ Grade One teacher just how much kids really see!) so by showing them that these small things are big things to others; we are more able to take these small lessons and turn them into big lessons as they grow older.

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