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My Top 5 Guilty Pleasure Male Celebs List

OK, so this year I turn 38. That’s only TWO YEARS off 40. Apparently I’m hitting my prime? HA! So let’s talk celebs!

Older. Younger. Maybe gone from this world even. Who makes your Top 5?

Here’s mine.

Johnny Depp

Eccentric. Deep. I swear I fell in love with him in Cry Baby. Could you get any prettier than that singular tear and hip swiggle? Honestly Ladies, if you haven’t watched it – grab a drink and do yourself a favor. Meooooow.

River Phoenix

He was my guy in my younger days watching Stand By Me. The bad boy. That white T. Then when I was older he was in “The Thing Called Love” So good! I miss him. He was the real deal.

Joaquin Phoenix

Brother to the late, great River, he had a phenomenal role in Walk The Line. Of course, I love this movie as well because of the amazing Reese Witherspoon,   (who honestly, I also have a bit of a girl crush on) but come on. The acting in this one! He is 6 years older than me but somehow I always felt like I was “robbing the cradle” on this one!

Zac Efron

My 8 year old daughter stumbled upon “High School Musical” and every time I looked at the screen all I could think of was the scene from Baywatch where he jumps from his motorcycle into the bay. Speaking of “robbing the cradle” LOL Good golly, miss molly!

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

And speaking of Baywatch. Or Ballers. Or really any Blockbuster movie of late. OH. MY. GOD. Is it just me or is Dwayne_Johnson the MAN? I totally remember his Wrestling days but now. Holy hell! Who fits this mans suits? And then the way he talks about his Mama? Have you checked out his Instagram? He seems like a cool guy!

Your turn? We all love our partners of course, but just for fun, who’s on your Celebs I Love List?

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