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The Mommy Tribe is Born in Alberta

By Ericka Rau

My daughter was born December 4, 2015 and after a couple months of being a new Mommy, I felt like I needed to get out of the house and make some mommy friends. I did everything… library programs, mommy and baby exercise classes, stroller walks, play dates… I was signed up for every mommy group on Facebook! I met lots of mommies and my daughter was having a blast with all her new, little friends… but I wasn’t feeling a connection to anyone. I would attend all these groups but I would never feel like I was really making friends. Almost 6 months after my daughter was born, I decided to start my own Facebook group. I called it The Mommy Tribe. My group was specifically for any mommies who wanted to support one another, not just attending events a couple times a week but who really wanted to create a community where we could be there for one another and get to know each other’s families.

In September 2016, our family relocated from Calgary to Edmonton. We knew no one in Edmonton. I knew I had to bring the Mommy Tribe here! Fast forward 9 months later and we have almost 70 families in our tribe! The Mommy Tribe isn’t just for mommies, it’s about the whole family contributing to the vision and the success of the tribe, it’s  a network of support, friendship and about building community relationships, it’s a village of like-minded people who want to create fun, unique and amazing experiences for their families and have their little ones grow up together. We want the best for each other and we show up for one another. All the families in the tribe have the opportunity to plan events that work for them and their families, that fit their schedule and they are encouraged to think outside the box. Some events the tribe hosts include:

Brunch ‘in Babies – Families meet up once a month for brunch at various breakfast hot spots.
Daddy Needs Some “Male Bonding Time” – Paintball, car shows, golf, and hiking.
Mommy Needs Some “Me Time” – Pedicures, coffee dates and movie nights.
A to Z Drinks & Dessert – A family will plan and host dessert. Guests bring drinks. The theme is drinks and dessert that start with the same letter.
Crappy Dinner Parties – A family will plan and host a simple supper during the week. No extra planning required. Guests show up, they bring nothing, they eat and enjoy each other’s company and they leave when they need to.
Sunday Snack Sample Sessions – Teaching Mommies how to shop for the best-priced ingredients, prepare simple snacks for the week following easy recipes.
Local Business Fridays – The Mommy Tribe ❤‘s to support LOCAL. All local businesses are invited to promote on our FB page every Friday.Most of our tribe families have heard about the tribe through word of mouth, a lot of the mommies have met through other mommy groups, at library programs and various family events in Edmonton.

The Mommy Tribe started as a support group for all mommies but has now become like an extended family.
Ericka Rau is the creator of The Mommy Tribe, SAHMama, Nature L❤VER!
Facebook group:
Hometown: Castlegar, B.C. but she currently resides in Edmonton with her husband Jeff, daughter Sia and dog, Tango. In June 2016 , the first Mommy Tribe started in Calgary, AB.  September 2016, the second Mommy Tribe was created in Edmonton, AB.