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#MOMCRUSHMONDAY – Contributor Dionne Dillabaugh

WAHM/D, SAHM/D, Work out of the home or other?

I am currently a WAHM – Of course, I write for my own blog and I also do freelance writing for a variety of businesses and parenting websites.  I also run a little business called, ‘Ready, Set, Glide!’.

# of Kids? Ages?

I have 2 kids…a set of boy/girl twins who are turning 7-years old this month.

What movie makes you cry?

Oh gosh, I can’t remember the last time I cried at a movie.  Having said that, I did have a good ‘sniffle’ recently while simultaneously running on my treadmill and watching a Netflix documentary about inmates on death row.

Tell us about a mom/dad who inspires you?

My best girlfriend has 4 kids (on purpose, you guys!) and is completely calm and patient 99% of the time.  I pretty much KNOW I wouldn’t be a good parent to more than the 2 kids that I have…so I’m in awe every time I see her manage her village of children.  🙂

What’s the fondest memory you have of your life as a mom/dad so far? The biggest challenge?

Honestly, finding out we were even pregnant was the highlight of my life.  My husband and I struggled with infertility, for quite a few years, and getting pregnant with twins was a total blessing!  The odds were not in our favour.
A close second (memory) would be our family trips to Disneyland (we have gone twice now).  Honestly…it is so amazing and magical there!  If you are on the fence about going, I say do it!!

Would you rather be able to see 10 minutes into your own future or 10 minutes into the future of anyone but yourself? Why?

Well, if I were to see 10 minutes into my own future, I think the outcome might be a tad boring (my son is having a drum lesson, my daughter is drawing penguin pictures at our kitchen table, and I’ll probably still be trying to think of something interesting to type for the last question)…so, I’ll take seeing 10 minutes into someone else’s future.  

You and your oldest child switch bodies for an hour. What do they do? What do you do?

Well, my twin A (as they call the first born twin) is my son and I suspect he would give himself free reign of video games and treats if he were in my body.
For myself, if I were in his body, I think I would really just spend some time exploring our house, and our family, from his angle and perspective.  Maybe as a little payback, I might pee all over the bathroom and let him know he has a ‘clean up’ to take care.  😀