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I bought a bathing suit online and it wasn’t terrible

Body positivity is all good and well until you need to try on a bathing suit under a fluorescent light in a mall.

The problem with bathing suits is that as many different types as there are body types and you have to try them on to see which ones fit the best. It’s not fun. It straight-up sucks.

Deanne and I were having a conversation last week. Considering how much retailers make off us, how come the dressing rooms are so oppressive and WHY are bathing suit stores the worst?

Here’s what the La Vie en Rose and the Swimco’s need to do. Firstly, they need a therapist/counselor near the changing rooms (ok, I know professional counselors and therapists don’t actually want to hang out in bathing suit changing rooms).

The counselors and therapists can be there with the “we know this sucks, but you’ve got this and if not, dammit we’re here to get you through this personal hell” portion of trying on bathing suits. Maybe they can help with why you feel so inadequate while trying on a bathing suit. Whatever it is, there’s a therapist for that.

Secondly, there’s a conveyor belt….it has a spray tanner …. and shots. Tequila, rum, vodka, whatever you need to get you through. Both spray tan and booze are optional. And there’s vacation music…you pick. These options are here to help you get you through this with as little emotional damage as possible.

Why? You have never given fewer sh*ts than at 2 pm at an all-inclusive vacation. Let’s recreate that.  When you’re in a bathing suit sitting by the pool at 2 pm after a few margaritas do you care that you “forgot” to work out for the last 4 years? NOPE.

More of that in the mall, please.

So long story and a long conversation with Deanne about this later…this is why buying a suit online is better. Less mall.

I was extremely hesitant to buy a bathing suit online. BUT when I go into the La Vie en Rose and Swimco stores, I know what style of bathing suit looks best (maximum coverage) and so I headed onto the internet and purchased two Cupshe suits.

Their Instagram ads have been stalking me so I thought, why the hell not. The suits are about $30 Canadian which is way cheaper than at the mall. My expectations were low, and so here we are 2 weeks later.

Yes, it takes two weeks to get a bathing suit. If you’re a last-minute person, think two weeks ahead.

My conclusion? They’re nice. They’re basically the same bathing suit as the photo (less the overly photoshopped model) and the quality is damn good. Like really good. Best part? You try them on in your own house. You decide when you’re feeling your best. If it’s after dinner, after breakfast. Where’s your best lighting. YOU DECIDE. Do you need a shot of confidence? Use your own booze. BOOM.

What should you know before you purchase an internet bathing suit?

  • Read ALL the reviews. ALL of them. Study them. Be one with them. Cupshe can filter by customers’ weight which sounds awful but is the most amazing thing ever. You figure out your own weight (I can’t help you with that) and filter by weight. Remember, someone that weighs 150 pounds at 5-foot one doesn’t look the same that is 150 pounds as 6 foot one.
  • I found their sizing to be big, like American sizing. Some of the reviews had me wondering if I had purchased too small but look for reviews with height references.
  • Buy the style that usually looks good. I went ahead and purchased one “for fun” and I look like a t-rex in it. I’m also extremely modest and it’s too floooofy for me. I should’ve known I wouldn’t be comfortable in it. I should know better but I didn’t.
  • Don’t buy one right before you need one. It took easily over 2 weeks to get to my house. This isn’t something you purchase when you’re in desperate need of a bathing suit. Unfortunately, you may need to go to the mall.

As for how they fit? I’d post pictures here of me here in my new bathing suits, but yeah .. that’s never going to happen. SO take my word.. the quality is REALLY good for $30 Cdn. I’d definitely purchase again but this time not trying to be my fun self. Just regular “know what works for your body self.”


(PS these are the ones I bought)