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Everything Changes

 “The Only Thing That Stays The Same Is Everything Changes”

Lyrics from Mr. Tracy Lawrence’s Time Marches On. 

If you think back on your life so far, how many changes have you gone through?

Big changes, little changes, they all directed your path in one way or another. As parents, we share in certain big changes. Getting pregnant changes your life  – for both parents and as they get older our relationship with our children changes.

Getting married is a change. Graduating. Moving away from home. Maybe your family changed when you were growing up. Parents break up, are lost to us, – big ones that shape who we become and continue to grow into.

Some changes we can’t control but others we can. We can choose change and this kind of change we usually don’t struggle with. Some of us are especially interested in controlling change as much as possible – because – control freak and I am definitely one of those.

Looking back on my life, I can see some were easy, even fun, as well as those that were incredibly tough at the time but in the end, proved to be exactly what needed to happen.

There were big changes in my life recently. A new job and it’s changed everything for our family. The kids are headed to grandmas after school every day, the hubs has to take them to week day sports, and I have myself an 8-5.

It was a scary change. I knew all the changes that were going to happen and had no idea how it would end up.

And I haven’t been this happy in a long, long time.

Think about your change. Good and bad, look back on it. Look forward to it. Celebrate the only thing that stays the same. The sun sets, the sun rises and life brings change.

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