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My Edmonton Bucket List (with kids) this summer

Festival City is an amazing place to be in the summer, but there’s more to see in Edmonton than the festivals.  As an Edmontonian there are a few things I make sure we do every summer and create our own local “Edmonton Bucket List”  … with kids.

High Level Bridge Street Car

In fairness, this is really great way to get to the Fringe Festival, but the High Level Street Car is a really cool way to experience old Edmonton while taking in the sights of current Edmonton. There are great views of the city skyline as you travel across the bridge and being on the street car is amazing. Being on the car, especially with kids is really, very fun. Add on a day at the Fringe or a visit to the Farmers Market and it makes for a very Edmonton afternoon.

Jurrasic Forrest

Not exactly in Edmonton, Jurrasic Forrest is a short drive (40 mins) from the city and the best place to do if you have little paleontologists on your hands.

Whyte Ave

Not super kid-friendly to the outsider, but there is loads to see on Whyte Ave for kids. Being downtown is great to be around our amazing community are and many kid-friendly pubs and restaurants.  

The Leg. & City Hall

You can’t come to Edmonton and not dip your toes in the (FREE) wading pools. It would be almost* criminal. Start at the city hall and spend some time hanging out at the wading pool and the many activities at Churchill Square. If you still have the energy make your way to the Alberta Legislature for the wading pools there and take the time to either do a tour of the Legislature grounds, or take in the wonderful scenery.

Farmers Markets

Believe it or not, Edmonton is famous for its farmer’s markets. Let’s just say that winter lasts a really long time here and we’re just happy to be out and about in summer. There are many markets around the city, and the best way to determine which one to dependent go to depends on the area of the city you’re in.  Explore Edmonton has a great list of farmers markets by days. Go to a market, it’s one of the most Edmonton things you can do.

Elk Island National Park

Another “not quite in Edmonton” attraction, however if you have time this summer, go on a field trip to Elk Island National Park.  So much to do at this National Park from camping and picnics to looking for the northern lights, but really the real reason most people go is to see the bison. The bison walk around the park and if your fortunate enough you will see the bison just hanging around the park.

The Corn Maze

The corn maze is not my favourite because you get lost and it’s quite stressful and not at all fun. My kids disagree and love it. So, we go to the corn maze every year and get lost and eat kettle corn and watch the goats. It’s actually really fun, once you get past being lost for an hour.


Any Edmontonians out there? What would you add to your Edmonton Bucket list? Add to the comments below


*No one has been prosecuted…. yet.