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Eco Mama: Can I Recycle That???

Edmonton Waste Wise App

We all want to do better for the environment, but did you know that you can actually do more harm than good if you are putting the wrong things in your recycling bag? Though well intentioned, what you’ve always thought was a recyclable item might actually not be. My husband and I disagree about this one all the time, so when I found out about the City of Edmonton Waste Wise App I had to download it!

The app gives you your pickup schedule, which is handy, but the coolest part is the “What Goes Where” section. You simply type in the name of the item in question and viola, answered! I’ve learned about a few interesting ones that I was convinced should be tossed into that blue bag- and I’ve been wrong the entire time:( Items like take out coffee cups, plastic coffee lids, chip bags and even cereal liners/bags should all be placed in the garbage……what!? Mind blown, and kind of feeling guilty for doing it wrong for so long!

City of Edmonton Waste Wise App

The other great part about the Waste Wise App is there’s a game to play! It’s perfect for kids or someone needing to kill a few minutes. You pass levels by sorting certain waste items into Recycle, Eco Station or Garbage. When you pass a level you get to beautify a park created by you. This is the kid of video game I would let my 4 year old play, guilt free!

City of Edmonton Waste Wise App

Check out the City of Edmonton’s Waste Wise App here for iPhone and here for Android.

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