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Dear Easter Bunny: It’s OK If You Want To Half-Ass It This Year

It’s a weird time. Days are blending together, time doesn’t matter, putting on real pants has gone by the wayside, and for most kids the severity of the situation has probably sunk in. They are missing friends and family, their activities, and the freedom to play in the park. Parents are struggling with working from home, layoffs, teaching their children, and more.

This isn’t easy.

So we wanted to write to the Easter Bunny and let him know that it’s OK to chill a bit this year.

A Letter to The Easter Bunny from Parents

Dear Mr. Bunny,

Hi! It’s been a while. We know this is last minute but we wanted to go over some suggestions we thought you may appreciate in this new world we have.

  • If you don’t leave adorable little footprints made out of cardboard that are hand painted and covered in special Easter glitter around the house it’s OK. We’re tired of Pinterest crafts too.
  • If you cannot find a basket to leave for the kids here are a few suggestions for replacements from us: Laundry basket (please leave a note reminding us to take the clothes out of the washer because we keep forgetting), empty cereal box, the basket that holds random lotions and shampoos from our bathrooms. You get the point. We won’t be picky this year.
  • Please don’t hide anything outside. Snow still covers a lot of our province and honestly we’re over it. We will be sitting inside in our sweatpants until we can see green grass.
  • If the kids don’t get matching monogrammed shirts or little bags with their names hand stitched in it’s OK. We’ve been spending our nights watching Tiger King on Netflix instead of learning a new skill too.
  • Supplies are tough to find. There’s no toilet paper, flour or yeast in stores and we know it may be hard to find everything you normally do. Feel free to hide chocolate chips, coins, or raisins around the house for the kids to find instead of perfectly wrapped eggs. All that will matter is that you gave the kids something to do while us parents sit on the couch and enjoy not having to entertain them for a few minutes. Because honestly…We’re all tired and just need a break.

So Mr. Bunny as you can see expectations are really really low this year. We know you are doing your best in the situation we are in. We don’t need the over-the-top egg hunts and gifts. All we want is to see their excited faces when the kids wake up in the morning and realize you came. The distraction will be the biggest gift you can give. So don’t spend the next few days worrying whether or not you got enough chocolate, or came up with new games, or have the perfect beautiful basket. All our kids will care about is that you remembered to come visit.


A mom that wants you to enjoy Easter too