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Canadian Finals Rodeo – 44 Years of Tradition

Canadian Finals Rodeo

Last night we attended the Canadian Finals Rodeo at Northlands. Every year since 1973 the grounds fill with competitors, their families, volunteers, and fans. Even though it is a somewhat controversial sport to some, you cannot deny that the CFR has helped shape Edmonton.

Growing up outside of the city I remember coming into Edmonton for the Rodeo when we were lucky enough to get tickets from my aunt and uncle. We got to come into the big city, stay up past our bedtime, and sometimes we even got to have a pop and some popcorn. I remember sitting on the edge of my seats watching and holding my breath when someone fell, being in awe of Miss Rodeo Canada’s beauty, and laughing when the 5&6 year old’s did the mutton busting.

Continuing the Tradition

Yesterday I got to take the kids to their first (and possibly their last depending on what the final decision is on where the CFR will end up) and I am so glad we went. Watching the kids clap, cheer, and hold their breath while these athletes competed made my night.

Watching the cowboys come into the arena.

We got to tour before the show with the Chute Tickets (more information about those here) where we were able to go on a behind the scenes tour. We learned more about how thing work, where the animals stay when they are waiting to go on, and some more history about the CFR. Did you know that the same dirt has been used for 44 years? They actually store it on the grounds!

The kids got to meet with some of the participants and their favourite part was seeing the horses and bulls up close.

Tickets start at $10 and are still available for purchase here.

Will you be going this weekend?

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