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Book Your Sleepover With Dinosaurs At The Royal Tyrrell Museum

Royal Tyrrell Museum

Have you ever wondered what happens at the Royal Tyrrell Museum when the lights go out?

Sleepover With Dinosaurs At The Royal Tyrrell Museum

Experience the fun of a sleepover with dinosaurs at one of the camp-in nights offered at the Royal Tyrrell Museum. As an activity that is perfect for a family, as well as larger groups camp-ins, are offered on Friday and Saturday nights during the fall and winter months.

Starting at 6:30 p.m. you will get your sleeping area ready in the world-renowned Dinosaur Hall and then take part in four evening programs. The next morning you can start to explore the galleries beginning at 10:00 am!

Royal Tyrrell Museum

Some of the programs that have been offered at the Royal Tyrrell Museum camp-ins include:

  • Fossil Casting – Make a cast from a mould of a real fossil, learn where it was found and how old it is!
  • Digging for Dinos – Dig for real fossils in dig tables using the techniques and tools a palaeontologist would.
  • Matrix Sorting – Learn to identify fossil from rock and about distinguishing characteristics between fossils.
  • Dinos in the Dark – Using flashlights, learn all about theropod dinosaurs in a darkened Lords of the Land gallery tour
  • Cretaceous Alberta Dinos – Learn all about Cretaceous fossils found in our area in this gallery-based program
  • Craft – Pendant making, magic clay ornament or flying pterosaurs. Campers make/paint/decorate a craft to take home with them in this very popular program.

Things to know

  • The camp-in program is for children 5-13 yrs
  • An adult chaperone is required
  • Children under the age of 5 yrs cannot attend
  • Both male and female participants attend


Child/Youth (ages 5-13) $44.00
Required Chaperone (1:5 ratio) $44.00
Additional Chaperone $44.00

Price includes all activities and materials, a bedtime snack, breakfast, and admission to the Museum.

The Royal Tyrrell Museum is located in Drumheller, AB at 1500 N Dinosaur Trail. To learn more about booking a sleepover or to see available dates visit the Royal Tyrrell Museum website at