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Beyond The Books – 5 Ways To Utilize Your Library

I LOVE the library.

Give me a room full of thrillers, adventures, self-betterment, romance – you can go anywhere in a library! A while back I found out there is a lot more to my little library card than paper books, magazines, movies and cds to take home. I just had to share.

ME Libraries

With my FREE EPL card I have access to 9 Libraries across Alberta via the ME Libraries website. Why would that come in handy? Well, for example, I reside in Edmonton BUT have joined the St. Albert library. They have Pre-Loaded Audiobooks – my EPL doesn’t. These come in handy on flights, long drives etc. You just plug in your headphones and voila! Great for kids too. This access can also come in handy if you’re on vacation somewhere in Alberta! You can visit the library, take out a few things and return them before you head home. I’m sure there is a plethora of other ways this comes in handy!

Instant Access

You never know when you’re going to have an hour or two to yourself as a parent. THIS is why I LOVE the many options there are to go on, search your genre and download an eBook. My favourite app for this is Overdrive. I get the hankering for a good read and don’t even have to leave my house. You can also get Audiobooks this way!

There’s An App For That

A lot of libraries have an APP – Edmonton Public Library for example has a great one! You pop on, search, and hold a few you like at your closest location.

Options, Options, Options

If I can’t find a book I want via overdrive, or an audio book in one format or on Overdrive, I can check RB Digital – there are even eMagazines on there! I also use cloudLibrary quite a bit!

Digital Movies, Music and MORE!

Then there is Hoopla. I’ve only used this for music myself but if you don’t want to deal with ads or paying a monthly fee for music it’s a great option!

Of course your Library has great events that happen and sometimes, nothing is better than reading a paper copy of an amazing book. All I know is, I haven’t bought a book in YEARS – I have access to all this for FREE!

What are some ways you utilize your library beyond the books?