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8 Apps For Kids That Don’t Need Wi-Fi!

No wi-fi? No problem!

I enlisted the help of my kids for this one – they were more than happy to break out their electronics for this research! My daughter even suggested bringing her phone in the car to really put it through the paces. Smart cookie right? HA!

My daughter is 9, and my son is 7 so these apps are a few of their faves. They use them on long road trips and trust me, I don’t let allow them hours and hours of electronics – there is a whole wide world to look at as we drive by, but this certainly helps keep the fighting down to a minimum in that back seat.

Merge Plane

Honestly, I don’t see the draw on this one but my 7 year old son loves it. The planes in your Airline fly in a circle and the more planes on your runway the more money you make the more planes you buy!

Android or Apple


A game of music creation and one of my kids faves. You get one pad to start, and can download new pad kits, or even create your own for free by watching videos. My daughter says if your child has a dream to become a DJ they can start right now. So, if you’re on a road trip – bring some headphones.

Android or Apple

Rolly Vortex

The description says “Roll quickly, be alert, manage your way through the obstacles, score high and challenge friends” – this was a pick from my 9 year old!

Apple or Android 

Colour Ball

Similar to Rolly Vortex, but you’re trying to match colours. Super challenging and good for the brain!



The free version only allows you to create 5 dolls at a time but it’s still a fave of my kiddos!

Android or Apple

Color pad

As the name suggests this is a colouring app. There are lots out there but this is one of my kids favourites to get creative!

Apple and Android

Dragon Craft

With blocks you build castles and kingdoms. My daughter says it’s like Minecraft but with dragons you can ride, and raise! No other people but you, and your dragons and she likes that you can’t die in it. 😉


For the older kids (or maybe even you – this is one of my faves)

TETRIS – reminiscent of the old school, this one takes me back!

Apple or Android


Edmonton's Child

With co-writing contributions from Hayden 😉 


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