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Certified Sap – 7 Things That Never Fail to Make Me Teary Eyed

I often wonder if there is anyone that cries as easily as me. As moms we know pain, so I don’t mean I can’t handle pain, I’ve had two kids, let’s be real. I mean my emotions run very close to the surface. I’m a sap. I get teary eyed SO easily! And not just crying. Have you heard of a “poker face” – I don’t have one. If I’m mad it’s all over my face, if I’m embarrassed, If I’m blissfully happy, it’s all right there for you to read. My very lucky husband never has to wonder what kind of mood I’m in.

It is harder having kids now too because everything pulls on my heart strings. I cannot watch the news – It’s awful and I feel like it makes me a less than upstanding citizen but I have to get my snippets of news from social media, friends and the radio. Any TV show or movie where anything bad happens to kids or animals count me out. Even a scroll through Facebook can start the water works.

I began thinking about this recently, when I was a blubbering mess in public watching something, that I wonder if other women look at me and get it or think I must be nuts. Wondering if there are more people like me, here’s a list of things that easily bring me to tears that really don’t seem to affect others.

1. Commercials

That Huggies Power of Hugs Commercial. I mean come on! My kids are in elementary school now, and I am done, I don’t want any more babies but even if I hear that commercial playing in another room, my chest tightens up and I’m in emotion mode.

Now this one, this drags the happy, heart so full kind of tears from me. Good Odds Toyota. Watch it if you haven’t, I dare you not to be touched by it. Well done Toyota.

Anyone remember the Kraft Teddy Bear Commercial. Gets me every.Dang.Time. Kraft Peanut Butter “Stick Together”

2. Songs

There’s a lot. But here’s a start.

You Should be Here by Cole Swindell. I honestly haven’t yet lost anyone close to me but just imagining it gets to me. The lyrics in this song are so beautiful but it comes on the radio in the car, I have to change the station. For fear someone will look over at me and be so concerned they call the police about the crazy woman blubbering through traffic.

I cannot watch this video. Like, even a few seconds into the start hearing it I well right up – Standing Outside the Fire by Garth Brooks.

Any song that talks about kids, being sick, loosing them. Concrete Angel by Martina McBride. I hear those first keys picking out and I prepare for the waterworks.

Apparently country music has some sad songs… who knew.

3. Poetry

Often times the pieces that are the most beautiful and hit home the most have some sadness. One of my favourite writers shares a lot of imagery poems – mostly uplifting, inspiring stuff but some with a hint that hit my sore spots, Butterflies and Pebbles on Facebook.


As mentioned above. But I do sometimes sit through them because often a good cry is therapeutic. If you’re looking for this therapy, I highly recommend A Dogs Purpose, PS I Love You, The Notebook, My Girl, The Man in the Moon, Up – well, really, pretty much any Disney Movie (side note – did you know there are 27 Motherless Disney Movies?), The Fault in Our Stars, Me Before You, A Walk To Remember, Marley and Me, gosh, I could go on and on!

5. Anything to do with Animal Cruelty

A lot of people are with me here, that I know. Some folks get mad immediately, my heart hurts and instant tears.

6. Weddings

I’m talking in real life and even Say Yes to the Dress. I’m a sucker for happy endings.

7. My kids

Hardly ever in a bad way. 😉 Seriously though, when I see them on stage at school or for dance, it always cues up my emotions but even sometimes when I overhear them being incredibly kind to each other out of now where it plucks those heartstrings. Of course, that latter one is few and far between.

How about you? Are you like me? If so, what is it that gets you teary eyed?

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