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7 Simple Ways to Refresh and Rejuvenate This Summer

By Amanda Cook, C.H.N.

Taking time to focus on your needs is neither selfish nor selfless, it’s simply necessary for your mental, emotional and physical health. When mother’s take the time to care for themselves, they’re better able to meet the needs of their family. Have you ever had a bad day and just watch your intimate world fall apart? I have! A mother is typically the centre of the home and when her needs are met, life just flows easier.  

Let’s consider what it means to fill your cup, figuratively speaking. Here’s the thing, often times we, as mothers, function from an empty cup, which is essentially operating on empty, feeling depleted, exhausted and run down. But we push through, surviving on coffee and wine (neither is bad, just not optimal to survive on). Pushing through leads to very unwanted summer colds and flus, which can leave us scratching our head. By focusing on ways to fill your cup, will leave you feeling nourished, rejuvenated, refreshed, full and maybe even inspired.

Determining how you want to feel, will help to guide you on making the right choices in making sure your cup stays full this summer. I remember a time when I consider a trip alone to the grocery store a mini vacation. However, this “mini vacation” did not make me feel refreshed or rejuvenated, because I was still doing my mom duties. Don’t get me wrong, these mini breaks are nice, and sometimes essential, but the difference was, these trips did not fill my cup. So take the breaks, but also focus on activities that promote the way you want to feel and function as a woman and mother.

Here’s a list of 7 simple ways to fill your cup this summer.

  • Allow for some slow mornings. Get the kids doing quiet activities while you have a chance to sit and sip on your favourite morning beverage. Be deliberate and let the kids know it’s a slow morning, making sure that while they’re moving slowly, so are you. The focus should be on you even though everyone benefits from a slow morning.
  • Lean on your community. Share child swapping with friends and plan outings or trips to the park with friends who have children around the same age. This way kids can play so you can connect with friends.  
  • Read an inspirational book. What are some ways you wish to grow and evolve? Is there something new you desire for yourself? Finding an amazing book can create serious empowerment and thrust you in a new, exciting direction. Use your library to explore new books before making the investment to buy.
  • Break routines. Although routines can be the center of our familial existence, breaking routines can be liberating. And they aren’t just for vacations either. Pick a random day of the week and just spontaneously plan for some time-less fun. Let go and just live in the moment sharing this freedom with your kids. Not only is this an incredible way to create beautiful memories, it’s a way to liberate ourselves from time, to be in the moment and go with the flow.
  • Practice deep breathing. Deliberate and slow deep breathing is a simple way to reduce stress which can be done anywhere and completed in just under a minute. It’s ideal to practice when you’re feeling calm so that in times of stress, you can use this tool successfully. However, the benefit of practicing deep breathing when you’re calm is you can focus on releasing tension and promoting joy, setting you up for more fulfillment. To practice deep breathing, simply breathe in slowly for 6 seconds and breathe out slowly for 8 seconds.  
  • Connect with nature. Make a deliberate choice to get into nature and bask in the beauty of all living things. Lie in the grass, hug a tree (seriously try it and you’ll never want to stop. You’re kids will never want to stop either), smell the flowers and breathe deeply. Connecting with nature not only boosts your overall wellbeing but can spark some serious creativity, too.
  • Nourish your body. When you give your body the nutrients it needs, it thanks you with energy and vitality. It also doesn’t have to be complex either. Summer is the time of year with an abundance of fresh fruit and veggies. Simply focus on adding fresh, local veggies to all of your meals as this will help with maintaining steady energy so you can keep up with your summer adventures. For simple, energizing recipes, delicious homemade lattes, smoothies and yummy dressings, grab this free ebook, which is designed for the busy mom.

Finally, listen to your body. If it’s giving you cues to slow down and spend a quiet day, listen and surrender. We, as mothers are our children’s best role models. Show them your commitment to taking care of yourself because by doing so, they will learn the value and necessity in not just self care but the impact it has on the world around you.  

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Amanda is holistic nutrition practitioner, lifestyle coach, wellness educator, holistic chef and a busy mama of two and passionate about healthy eating that deeply nourishes the mind, body and spirit. Amanda loves sharing how to simplify healthy eating and how to have a balanced diet using clean ingredients, nothing fancy or complicated. Amanda is the author of three e-books, teaches cooking classes, works with clients and teaches workshops sharing that health and simplicity can co-exist.